Browstat is a nice windows resource kit utility that you can use with powershell

$browserstat = browstat view 1 \\servername

This will put the entire list of items in the variable that you can then manipulate with powershell

This is a list on items:

 W  = Workstation             NT  = Windows NT
 S  = Server                  W95 = Windows95
SQL = SQLServer               WFW = WindowsForWorkgroups
SS  = StandardServer          MFPN= MS Netware
PDC = PrimaryDomainController NV  = Novell
BDC = BackupDomainController  XN  = Xenix

TS  = Time Source
MBC = Member Server
PQ  = Print Queue Server
DL  = Dial-in Server
AFP = AFP Server
OSF = OSF Server
VMS = VMS Server

PBR = Potential Browser
BBR = Backup Browser,
MBR = Master Browser
DMB = DomainMaster Browser
DFS = Distributed File System

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