Global Catalog
Windows 2008

A global Catalog when configured over a WAN link must open port 3268 for queries to go through. So you must open up port 3268 to make queries happening through a firewall.

To make a server a global catalog server you would choose this from the dcpromo menu or you would go to the NTDS settings from the domain controller and choose properties. There you will find a checkbox for turning the server into a global catalog.

When you have a very bad link between 2 sites and you don't want to have Global catalog traffic to pass through that link so you disable the Global Catalog on the domain controller you will get problems with users logging on or accessing the network. Then what you could do is to go the site and right click on the NTDS settings from that site and choose properties. Remember that this is not the NTDS settings from the domain controller but the NTDS settings from that particulair site. You could then choose to Cache Universal Group Memberschip. It would pull the data from a global catalog and cache it for logon and network access.

To see which servers are Global Catalog servers you would open Active Directory Sites and Services
Then expand the domain to show your domain controllers and it would display GC

At default global catalogs sync every 8 hours, that's why some rights like nested exchange groups do not work immediately.

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Windows 2008

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