Repadmin is to show and synchronize domain controllers
to synchronize you would do:

repadmin /syncall

To show the bridgehead servers:
repadmin /bridgeheads

When you have made a custom dns application partition and you want to sync this information to all domain controllers in the forest you would do:
repadmin /syncall ny-dc1 /APeD

The flags are case sensitive A stands for All named content held by the NY-DC1 domain controller
The P is to PUSH the change to all other domain controllers. The lowercase e forces a sync of all domain controllers in the forest and the D flag just makes it easier for the output on display

To show if the replication is healthy you could do the following: this show when and if the replication is successful and healthy

repadmin /showrepl

If you want to see in a RODC which users have their passwords sync on the RODC you could type the following
repadmin /prp view dc-rodc01 reveal

If you just want to replicate all data in AD from one DC to another DC you would type:
repadmin /replicate dc1 dc2 "dc=company,dc=com"

To recalculate the KCC, which normally happens every 15 minutes is:
repadmin /kcc

Another good tool to test DFS is functioning properly is to type:
dfsdiag /Testdcs

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