• When a laptop computer is not connected for 30 days or more to the domain it's password is expired and you cannot log on to the domain, join it to a workgroup and DO NOT REBOOT, just join it again to the domain. It saves you a reboot (ofcourse you should first reset the computer account first)
  • When you want to remote desktop into server core, let's say you have virtualized server core machine you would type:
Cscript %windir%\system32\SCRegEdit.wsf /ar 0
  • When you want to see how many users are connected to your file server e.g. you would type
psexec \\servername net session | Find /c "\\"

With powershell it is also easy to count how many network connection are to your server
netstat -an | measure-object

When you want to see which connection from your workstation are connected (established) to foreign servers:
Use Powershell Prompt

PS> netstat -ao | Select-String "ESTABLISHED"
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