Windows 2012

Welcome on my windows 2012 page.

To get started let's introduce first a handy little commandline tip if you've ever come across a situation where your active directory SRV records are deleted, how to get them back?

nltest /dsregdns

To see if you are actually talking to a domain controller you would type:
nltest /dsgetdc:wiredbrain.priv

To see if you have a trusted connection to your DC you would type:
nltest /sc_query:wiredbrain.priv

If you want to set the replication between sites to occur faster then the minimum of 15 minutes, you can set the interval on notify. So replication of data occurs almost in real time like interconnect replication. This is a little hack that could be usefull to set the replication between 2 domain controllers on the sitelink. To do this you would need to open adsiedit.msc
open adsiedit.msc (regsvr32 adsiedit.dll)
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